Tips for Freezing Food with a Vacuum Sealer

Tips for Freezing Food with a Vacuum Sealer

If you have a problem with food going bad often, then a vacuum sealer machine is your solution. These are machines that can help you get to preserve all types of food including the perishable foods. Freezing foods with a vacuum cleaner is the best way to extend your food’s shelf life. But how do you it correctly? Here are tips on how to freeze food with a vacuum packing machine like a pro:


One of biggest mistakes that people make is wrong food preservation of food using a vacuum packaging machine. To most people, they just put food from the market directly into the bag and vacuum seal them. That is wrong. It is one of the reasons why some foods such as fruits and vegetable may get squashed when vacuum sealed. Pre-freezing is one of the best ways to get the most out of the vacuumed foods. It helps to get rid of air bubbles that usually squashes food. What you need is first to freeze the food and them vacuum seal it. Pre-frozen foods have a longer shelf life compared to those vacuum sealed directly.

Freezing Cooked and Uncooked food

This is another area that most people fail when it comes to the use of a vacuum sealer. These two foods should be treated differently, and that’s where people get it wrong. For cooked dishes such as soups and sauces can be vacuum sealed and they reheat really well while preparing them some days later. But others such as vegetables may not need to be cooked but can be preserved in their raw form. For the cooked dishes such as ground turkey, you can cook and vacuum seal them when you have time to spare. This tip works well in hotels where the time to numerous orders limited and thus precooking dishes is the only way out.

Portion It Out Properly

The preservation effectiveness of a vacuum sealer depends on two things- the size of the paper and the portion. Make food portions depending on the size of the paper bag. The mistake some people make is thinking that they can put a lot of food in a bag and vacuum it. That will definitely flop. Make sure that you’ve made the right portions to ensure that the food as enough space. Make sure that you have the right portion depending on the kind of papers that you’ve. However, the size of the paper should be determined by the size of your vacuum packing machine.

Always label Packages

Another mistake that people make is failing to label to label the packages after vacuum sealing. This is one of the key things that you need to consider for proper food preservation, especially if you are vacuuming a large number of foods. Make sure that you’ve labelled all the foods to ensure that you don’t forget and mix up everything. Write the name of the food or dish so that even if another person visit your kitchen, then make a meal using with minimal efforts.  If the food is expected to last for months, then you must consider the kind of ink that will not fade away with time.

Buy Special Bags

The choice of the bag is crucial when it comes to vacuum sealing food. One big mistake that people make is buying any bag that they find in the market with researching in products ability to keep air and moisture entirely out. It is recommended that you buy paper bags from the original manufacturer of the machine since they have the quality needed to keep the food safe for long. But there are generic or third-party plastic bags that offers high-quality features as well. But you need to do a little bit more research before spending on generics.

Don’t Reuse Bags

Last but not the least is to avoid reusing plastic paper bags. It is a practice that some people have especially while trying to save on the cost of the paper bags. While this may work for some, it is not recommended since it can lead to food damage. Some of the vacuumed food such as raw meat could have left bacterial which will destroy food.

These are vital tips that you should consider when it comes to freezing food with a vacuum sealer. Just follow them, and you will never have a problem with vacuum sealed food going bad.

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