The difference between polyolefin and PVC in shrink wrapping

The difference between polyolefin and PVC in shrink wrapping

Shrink wrapping is a process of using a shrink film and a shrink wrapping machine to seal or to hold products during distribution to consumers. The main material often used is the polymers of a plastic material. These polymers come in a variety, and each has a different degree shrinking. In most cases, after wrapping a product with a plastic film, it is passed through a heat tunnel using a conveyor belt. In some cases, it involves applying heat using heat can manually.

Shrink film serves a variety of purpose, and some of the producers use it for protection while others use it for displaying their goods. As a producer, when you wrap and shrink an item before distribution, it will remain clean through thus ideal for food products. Also, shrink wrapping acts as tamper evidence.

Here are the commonly used films in shrink wrapping:

PVC Shrink film

Polyvinyl chloride is one of the oldest plastic materials that are used for the shrink wrapping. This plastic can shrink uniformly over a product and is strong enough to wrap items for distribution. It is also clear; this makes it ideal for displaying products in the market. However, unlike other materials, this type of sealing is not recommended as it releases hydrogen chloride into the air and carbon deposits. You will need proper ventilation when dealing with PVC shrinking film. PVC material is good for packaging boxes, small canisters, DVD packaging, and non-consumable items.

Polyolefin shrink film

This is another common shrink film that works well with many products and shrink wrapping machine. Polyolefin is ideal for products that are edible as well as non-edible as it has fewer odors and does not release too much harmful gas to the surrounding. It is strong and can survive a wide range of temperatures. Polyolefin is good for applications like wrapping sports products, toys, drink packaging, stationery, and other related items.

The common machines for shrink wrapping are:

Heat shrink tunnel– this type of shrink wrapping machine is good for high-speed operations. It is available in different sizes and fit in a product line with a conveyor belt. It is good for industries and households that wrap more products in a day.

L-bar sealer– this machine is ideal for different types of products. It has been designed with different sealing bars and can seal many forms of products including the centerfold shrinking. It is easy and efficient as they require minimal manual labor.

Bench-top sealers –they are mainly meant for low output operations as they can wrap relatively few products in an hour.

Heat guns-this type is ideal for light packaging as you have to do it manually.


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