How efficient are water filling machines

How efficient are water filling machines

When it comes to production bottle water, water filling machine usually come in handy. These machines are responsible for rinsing, filling and finally capping PET bottles. They usually come in various sizes different features. Depending on your production line you should choose the one that best suits your preferences.

The efficiency of water filling machines varies from one to another. There are some that have been automated and integrated into one process. This is where rinsing, filling, and capping are done in one single process. For instance, there is a water machine that can pack and prepare 2000-3000 bottles per hour. This type of machine is only meant to pack mineral water, purified water, and non-carbonated drinks only. The rinsing chamber consists of 8 valves for rinsing, eight heads for filling and three heads for capping. With this features in place, more than 200 bottles can be achieved making it more efficient and time-saving.

Small bottling plants

For small plants, water bottling machines are designed without the inline system. They are made of compact construction that makes them utilize less space while using the monologue modules. They also have a quick changeover, PLC control and motors that are synchronized for easy maintenance. The operator has to load bottles in an air conveyor where the machine rinse and then fills water before capping them. A small 2000-3000 bottles water filling machine is fully automated and requires less maintenance.

Medium bottling plants

Secondly, there water filling machine that handles 4000-5000 bottles in every hour. These machines are fully automatic and pack 200ml to 1500ml PET bottles. They handle mineral water, purified and non-carbonated. These machines usually have 14 valves for rinsing, 14 heads for filling and five heads for assembling. The rinsing, filling plus the assembling process is integrated and fully synchronized making it ideal for small-medium water bottling companies.

 Large Bottling plants

Then there are water filling machines that handle 6000 to 7000 bottles, 8000 to 10000 bottles, 10000 to 12000 bottles and finally 12000 to 15000 bottles. These large have 32 nozzles for rinsing, 32 heads for rinsing and eight caps for capping. It is ideal for large water bottling plants as it has an effective and reliable workhorse.

Rinsing station

At the rinsing station, the PET bottles enter continuous while they are inverted to allow proper rinsing.

Filling station

At the filling station, the rinsed bottles are filled with high-speed filler. This process is consistent and precise to allow the same amount of water to be packed in each bottle.

Capping station

At the capping station, there is non-stop movement of bottles allowing capping to be done continuously. At this station, there is raping capping system that provides enough torque to tighten each cap effectively.


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