Comparison between Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration Process

Comparison between Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration Process

Drinking clean and pure water is good for your health. However, before this water is packed using a water filling machine it has to go through a series of processes for purification. These processes vary depending on the nature of the water you want to get. For instance, for mineral water, ultrafiltration is usually the ideal process, unlike the purified water that has to go through reverse osmosis.

In most cases, raw water contains minerals and harmful substance such as bacteria, chemicals, pesticides, pyrogens, and other contaminants. When removing these substances, water has to go through a purification process that includes the ultraviolet rays, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration purification. Here is the comparison between the ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.

Reverse Osmosis

In the Reverse Osmosis or RO, water filtration system requires power to operate and usually removes all the dissolved particles that are available in the water. The RO Water Purification system additionally offers prefiltration when you need to purify the contaminated water, and this purifier expels all the germs and bacteria.  Power, in this case, is also needed to boost pressure for osmosis to happen.

Reverse Osmosis usually requires the availability of a large amount of water; If you input 3 Liters of Water into an RO system, you will probably generate one liter of purified water and two liters of wasted water. However, you can make use of the unused water for wiping the floor, cleaning the house and other home remedies.

Most of the domestic RO systems that are accessible online are not fit for desalination which implies they can’t be used to distill the saline water into purified water. Additionally, unbranded RO water systems don’t hold natural minerals effectively.

There are a considerable number of RO Water systems available on the online, and you can get an ideal RO system that is fit for not just expelling the toxic salts and hard metals but removes the minerals that present in the raw water.


The Ultrafiltration, which is also named UF, is another water purification framework that works without power and totally removes and kills the virus, bacteria and different microorganisms present in the water. Unlike UV Water purification system, the UF purifier expels every one of the germs and dead microscopic organisms from the water after it kills them.

The UF Water purifier doesn’t require power since it only requires pressure unto which tap channeled through pipes haves. However, in this case, contaminants such as dissolved salts and minerals are not removed. This method is ideal for making mineral water, unlike the RO that is ideal for pure water.


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